Disney World the Second Round.

Disney World the Second Round.

Updated: Apr 28

Now, this is a story about my second time going to Disney World with family and friends as a teenager. My mother's best friend's family meet up with us in Orlando a couple of days later. To start, we will be talking about the parks I visited and the activities we did well in Florida.


We spent the days before the family friends in a Condo style hotel located in Kissimmee, Florida, just minutes away from Orlando. The start of the trip was more focused on our family activities, mostly avoided the parks and taking in some relaxation time. We watched TV and played cards, went out for dinner some nights around the town. Then we moved over to a non-Disney resort property my parents got with the family timeshare.

Disney World

The Animal Kingdom - This was our main focus this time as the last trip the park wasn't open, and we wanted to see this part of the park. Fantastic experience with the different styles of rides and the aminal experience.

The Magic Kingdom - This was great to wander around, was interested in the parades this time, but did more of the water rides this time. I got on to the rides quicker this time with the hopper passes.

Epcot - My mother had her eyes on one ride in this park, which was Test Track, again due to the fact it wasn't open when we were in Disney World last. The aspect of the cultural pavilions caught my attention on this trip, but the best part of Epcot was when waiting for the Light show. Three Dog Nights was having a concert in the park just down the way from where we waited. We got to see some of the performances only in the distance and enjoyed having the music.

Hollywood Studio - Not much time was spent in this park this trip, but still experienced the entertainment of the activities and park. Having seen most of the park the first time, not much changed from the last time we went to this park.

Other Parks

Universal Studios - Had to go back to experience the new rides they had around. Only did Universal due to the fact we were mainly there to see The Island of Adventure park.

Universal Island of Adventures - New to the family, and we got to experience a lot of the water rides/roller coasters. The main roller coaster we enjoyed was the duelling dragons, as we had to experience both dragons. Now I know the ride no longer is there due to it getting replaced by Hagrid's Magical Creature Motobike Adventure.

SeaWorld - This time was the new style Seaworld more focused on rides and getting away from the animal performances. The one trip I enjoyed the most of Kraken the roller coaster, and probably went on it 3 to 4 times. The park felt completely different from the first time we went, and I enjoy the new style of the park.

Dinner Shows

Medieval Times - This show was about a tournament of knights to see who can come out the strongest. The food was excellent with mostly finger food, as it was Medievil times they didn't have cutlery laying around. Chicken or ribs were the selection you could pick from with specialty glasses for your drinkware. You sit in a colosseum style place, and each section had their set colours you cheered for in the tournament. The show was delightful and suggested seeing it at least once.

Hoop-dee-doo Musical Revue - Yes, we went back for a second round at this show because it was that amazing. To read more about is please visit my First Trip post as I explain all about it there.


I can't remember the name of the property as I was only there to sleep and spend time with my family friends. What I do remember was that one night after a good day out, we landed up in the hot tub talking and got to see a lunar eclipse happen.

The last thing I am going to add is this time around is that the family got focused on doing the pearl diving activities. Every place had at least one to visit, and my mom loves her pearls, so this added up to be a lot coming home with us. We got some fantastic gems within our collection due to these activities.

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