Every day work at a hotel?

Working at hotels?

Updated: Apr 14

I have been working for hotels now for 5 years and went to school for a diploma in hospitality management which was 2 years. Now I want to talk about the my experience working in hotels and what a day would look like.

To start I work in a front-office position, so that allows me to interact with the guest staying at the hotel. The day starts with a stand-up meeting to pass on what has happened in the hotel and what activities are going on. Then we get out to the desk to start working on getting our guests checked in to their rooms. This is just the base of the job because you never know what will happens throughout your shift. Examples are each guest has the needs and that could be a basic question to solving a problem that would only happen this one time.

Basic Questions

Normal questions I get in a day is what activities can you do in the city or what restaurant do you recommend for dinner tonight. I have talked about the restaurant that I recommend in Calgary already and you can see that in my post about Calgary's restaurants. For the activities around Calgary, I will look at writing one in the future for anyone coming to Calgary for vacation or work. Now we do get a lot more basic questions from transportation to the airport or around the city. These questions tend to be the ones the front desk have most repeated over time.

Unique Questions

These questions are harder to explain because each day it could be something completely new for you or your colleagues. I can't provide examples of these questions due to the fact that they change every day. What I will say is that if you get a unique question don't push it aside for someone else, instead let the guest know you will need some time to look into it. Now for me, this really helped me build my problem-solving experience and takes a shorter amount of time to solve them.

Finally, the thing I would like to talk about a Front-office position is that you never know what happens in the day either. I don't get surprised by anything random anymore because of seeing a lot of weird things well-working overnights in a hotel. Now I don't treat any of these experiences negatively due to the fact, I like not have a repetitive job and a challenge is always a refreshing way to work the mind.

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Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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