Florida and Royal Caribbean Cruise

Florida and Royal Caribbean Cruise

Updated: Apr 28

Here is my two-week travel experience of Florida and a 7-day cruise in the middle of the adventure. This trip was for my High School graduation, which had broken down into three different parts for certain people. The blog post is broken down by the names of the various sections throughout the adventure.

Trump National Doral Miami - Golf Club

This part was mainly for my father, as he is the golfer in the family. The resort was great to experience with a fantastic pool. The property itself didn't have much for non-golfer around, so everyone other then my dad spent the time at the pool. If you are a golfer, this property has 5 PGA courses from the blue monster to the great white. We only spent three days at the resort to then move onto the central part of the trip.

Freedom of the Seas - Royal Caribbean

We started the cruise from Maimi and went on a Western Caribbean route that took us to the same places as my first cruise. The only difference that this route had an additional stop at Royal Caribbeans private resort Labadee, Haiti.

Freedom of the Seas - This ship was terrific from the activities to the staff in the restaurants and bars. The vessel had on it a small ice rink the featured some shows and open skating. The first Flow rider on the back with a rockclimbing wall just around the corner. A casino that is now ordinarily standard on most ships in the world. The last thing I am going to talk about is that there were lots of bars and pools around the boat to enjoy and we spent time at the piano bar. Being the largest ship at the time made that trip even better, but also has a lot more activities that have not added in this post. To get the full details on the ship, please have a look at this link.

Freedom of the Seas

Labadee, Haiti - First stop on the ship as a family, we got off to experience the beach. We didn't do much, but what we did was swim for a bit and then wandered around the property. When we got back to the ship, it was dinner time, and then we spent some time at the casino.

Ocha Rios, Jamaica - We enjoyed tubing down the white river so much the last time we had to do it again. Like the previous time, we had lunch after the trip down the river, and then we went into the town for a bit. We got back to the boat again for dinner; then, we went for a swim to end the night with live music at the piano bar.

George Town, Grand Cayman Island - this spot was shopping mostly since the island is entirely duty-free, and we can get a lot of different goods. My dad had some Liquors on his list, and my mom had some crystals on her list. The family got rings and some small items to take back to the ship.

Cozumel, Mexico - We had an excursion planned for helmet diving and snorkelling the crystal waters of Mexico. The first activity was helmet diving that most people did and then moved to the snorkelling. Now I explained on my First trip post that I had ear problems well flying; this was because of air pressure. I thought I would try helmet diving but landed up giving up before even starting due to the same issue with my ears. That left me with snorkelling, which was terrific in the end. My dad got some photos underwater for me and my mom to see at the end of the day.

Maimi, Florida - This was the last stop of the cruise before heading towards the final destination of our trip. This spot was great to experience, and I have a story to tell here. Disembarking the ship, we started to line up the dock and noticed one thing that happened. A guy getting off the boat had dropped a case of rum on the cement ground and broke a couple of bottles. Being hot in Maimi, the rum started to vapers instantly into the air. One of the crew members noticed and ran over jokingly to the box saying "no! how could this happen to" sniff in the air. He was there to make sure everything was good with the guest and get any future problems addressed before he had to fly.

I have to add a story here about something that happened on the ship. The reason why I need to tell this story is that it has a significant impact on the next part of the trip. Well, on the ship, my family spent some time at the casino playing about $20 a day give or take. Every day my sister and I would wander back to the room to get changed for the next activity and would walk into a crew member. We got to interact with this member that as we walked by, he would ask if we won or lost at the casino that day. If we lost, he would tell us that it would be better to use the money somewhere else instead of the machines due to the fact, not many wins. Well, one day, as we walked by this crew member with my parents, he asked the same question. The answer he got was from my dad saying that we had just won $2900 on a penny machine. The crew member surprised this time with a quick response of "ok time to shut up," as he couldn't give us that small lesson on losing any money anymore.

Fort Lauderdale - Sawgrass Mills

Mom wanted to go shopping at one of the large mill malls around the US and landed up picking Sawgrass mills to end our trip. We had planned for a smaller amount of money to spend before having what the family won on the ship, which gave us a fantastic shopping spree. We spent so much money that we had to buy more suitcases to bring it all back home. That was one extra for each family member, a total of 5 bags that were full of new clothing and some jackets. Flying back to Canada, Customs had some fun with us well looking at the x-rays of the bags.

Overall this trip started my travel passion and has to lead me to look more at culture instead of planning my trips around activities. I meet so many different cultures on this trip from interacting with the crew member and meeting some fantastic UK tourists.

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