Value of Travel

Value of Travelling

Updated: May 8

Travelling help me become who I am today with experience cultures and places in the world. I started this blog to inspire people to travel and experience the world in a different location. These days a lot of people talk about the American Dream not coming true and people chase to get rich with money, but for me rich isn’t about money or having stuff. Don’t get me wrong I have stuff and I am always looking forward to my paycheck, but I find that being rich is more than that in life. For me stuff comes secondary to my experiences, I have gotten in the different countries i have been. I am rich in memories and stories to share to my future children.

My stories are what I can give back to the world and hopefully within this stories, people get inspired to go out and explore the world to create their own memories. The world is a big place to get lost in and will help people learn that you can hold value to a memory instead of collecting money that will not bring you happiness. A lot of people have told me that you should travel when your young, as you will not have as many limitations to what you can do. I see daily, a retired couple trying to get the most out of their travel with going on tours and always getting limited on what they can do based on health concerns.

Now I know people will come back to me with “it cost money to travel and it's not cheap”. I know this is true in the fact some of my trips could have been a little cheaper if i pre-planned better, but lets not overlook that thought. Things you can do is travel within a budget and put your heart into the location. If you have a passion to do it your goals and mindset will drive you to get that money to get there. It took me a year of planning for my trip to Europe and then a drive to getting financially sound to go on the trip. I still had a tight budget, but my heart was into that trip and nothing was holding me back from doing it. Don’t limit yourself with concerns and self-doubt when it comes to travelling. I don’t regret any of my trips as everyone had something to add to my experience and I learn from every mistake I do.

The final thing I am going to put out in this post is to take a chance and travel young. Always, put your heart into it and making it a passion, travelling can be a way of life if you want it to be. I have the passion to travel and I will always take an opportunity to see the next place. If your passion is to draw then do it don’t let something else hold you back.

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