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Travelling for PBtraveller

Why do I travel?

The reason I travel is due to being able to see different cultures and I get to meet different people throughout.

Like most people I started to travel just to get away from work life or to get out of the city. As I started to do this, I found I really enjoyed travelling and wanted to do more. This became a passion of mine to try and travel to more countries for more cultural exposure. After going on a cruise with the family I started to meet different employees of the hospitality industry. One touched me the most a houseman that was cleaning rooms on the deck our suite was located. He interacted with my sister and I everyday after stopping at the casino. His interaction inspired me not to just look at the destination of travel but for the people / culture of the place I am going to spend time in. On a cruise ship there is a unique culture of different ethnicity on board as most people who are working on the ships come in form everywhere in the world.

Iron Sails Galway

From that point I started to look at travelling to different countries, having already experienced the western Caribbean and United States. Then I got the opportunity to go on the study tour of Ireland, which I instantly jumped to get on the trip with the College. Ireland was a excellent way to experience culture from going to Chapter One Restaurant to walking through historic castles. From that point I plan and planned my trip to be able to increase my chance to experience more of the culture and people.

Now travelling is a learning experience for me instead of just an escape from the everyday life.


Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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