Travel Story - Kelowna

Travel Story - Kelowna

Kelowna cant remember the year, but I remember the story.

After driving for a couple of years my family decided to use the timeshare we had for Kelowna. We stayed at the Lake Okanagan Resort that had a little par 3 golf coarse in the middle of it with beach access to the lake. If I remember we did this trip in a shoulder season as the lake was still cold. Golfing at the property was great and one day we decided to eat at the restaurant after doing a round. We sat down and I asked the server for a cup of water, as I was thirsty from playing the round of golf. After the glass came to the table the first thing I did was take a big sip of it. In responds of having that sip, I said this water doesn't taste right. My family all looked at me and then grabbed the glass to find out it was white vinegar not water. We called the server over to the table an asked him to smell it. In response the server was really apologetic, and quickly got my a new glass of water.

Now most people at this time wouldn't be happy and take a very negative approach to the mistake. Well my family is different, as most of them just laughed at me and the mistake. My family is easy going and we know mistakes happen, as long as thing are corrected properly then why sweat it. The only bad part about this whole story is the I cant live without someone reminding me about the one day I drink a big sip of vinegar.

The main thing I learnt from this story at the time is that people make mistakes and we shouldn't punish them for it. We should live life and treat everyone with respect. I have made my fair share of mistakes and have learnt from all of them.

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