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Updated: Sep 8, 2019

I have taken two tours with Contiki over in the past.

My college was putting on a study to for my studies of Hospitality Management. We used Contiki the move around 28 students all over Ireland and started in the trip in London. This tour was special an not what Contiki will run through normally as a tour.

Taking Contiki the first time inspired me to travel through Europe and I happened to get on a tour called Europe Inspiration. This Tour itinerary included 10 countries with two nights in every city 19 nights total and food included throughout. This tour was under the category of discovery which allowed the tour members the ability to experience every place for a couple of days. Well on the bus you learnt about the different places with the Tour Manager giving us the history and some common phrases in the countries language. This is a nice touch Contiki does for there travellers. Reason why I took Contiki over some of the other tour companies is for the fun times I had with the Tour Manager on the study tour, the reasonable pricing of the tour that the company offers to their clients and finally the aspect of travelling with in the same age group.

I do recommend taking a Contiki tour if you have the chance. Not because most people know it for being a party tour but also because Tour Managers have a wealth of knowledge they can give the tourist. Contiki goes above and beyond on training their Managers for their tours, with an in-depth Intro tour of the sites plus getting them to be professional in all areas of the trip. When i was on my study tour trip, one part was to talk with our tour manager about what it took them to get into the position. Overall from the two tours, I have been on I know that I will still learn and enjoy every trip I go on with Contiki Tours.

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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