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All-Inclusive resorts are excellent if you want to relax and not to go off the property. I have been to 2 locations one in Cancun and the other in Punta Cana. I enjoyed both trips; the only thing is that I grow out of spending time at the hotel and getting out in the city to see the culture of the town. When I went to Punta Cana, I went with my friend it was the first time that I did without having my family around. So I took all advantage of the All-inclusive. Had a lot of food to try and went to my first Brazillian steak house. Activities we did was spend time at the casino and enjoyed the company at the swim-up bar. For Cancun, it was more an escape from home, and enjoy a resort that has everything taken care for you. This trip was in the middle of my college life and was working in a rotation based job. Overall my experience of All-Inclusive has been excellent, and I do recommend enjoying one if you don't want to do a lot of planning.

Benefits of taking an All-inclusive trips come down to a couple of things, limit time and want to leave your home for a week then go. First time travelling out of the country and don't have a lot of trip planning knowledge, everything will be set and ready for you when doing it. The last benefit is that you don't have to think and relax on your trip.

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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