Travel Souvenirs - Gifts

Travel Souvenirs - Gifts

When travelling to new places a lot of people like to pick up souvenirs or gifts for family members.

For me, I uses to pick up souvenirs from places that have I been. In the end, I gave up on this because I found that when I pick up the items for me to remember the places, I would throw the item away after a year or two. Some people collect shirt of where they have been instead of Items. I did this as well for a short period as, I would grow out of that shirt or would never wear it. This lead to me to packing light when I travel to reduce room for extra items I wouldn't need. Then came the aspect of photography to remember where i have been you can save everything in a cloud storage now.

When it comes to gifts for other people well travelling. I have one rule if I am getting it for you due to the fact at you asked for it. You will need to pay me for it as this is a demanded gift. I have done sporadic gifts for people, which they didn't know it was coming back for them. Gifts for another people have also slowed down for me when a travel, as again I stick to travelling light, but I have shipped things back to Canada for another person. Now the only time I did this was because of the content in which the item's were.

Now don't get me wrong souvenirs and gifts great to get when travelling. A lot of people do this as they are always away from their family and get their love ones a nice gift from the cities they are working in. For some souvenirs are nice to keep or have to remember stories of why they got that item. My brother is an example of this as when we went of our second cruise he went and got almost all the souvenirs glasses.

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