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Travel Photos

To start I am no professional at Photography but I play in it when travelling.

When I first started to travel, I didn't take photos or even write down everything down. Instead I thought my memory of what I did was all I needed. Now as I am growing older, I have started to realize that we cant always remember things from the past as strong as I use too. This helped me start looking at doing more landscape photography to remember that sights I have seen.

The first time I started taking photos was in Ireland, as it was an amazing country to photograph and showed the history of country. I started taking photos of anything and only pulling out the best shoots from those pictures. I took over 900 photos in 14 days of travelling and landed up only keeping about 200 of those photos to use as reference material (for something). This was in 2015 when I never thought about writing a blog just using the photos to explain my travel.

In 2017 when I did Europe I started to focus on more landscape or feature photos and only got 600 out of those for a month of travel. This allowed me to improve my photography skill (which i know is still weak) for any future travel. I use most of these photos in this blog as I haven't done a lot of travelling in the past 6 months. Again at that time I didn't have the blog going and only used the photos as reference.

The blog started in 2019 after I was looking for something more to do with my photos and stories. Which leads me here today talking about what I have done travelling. I wanted to share with everyone my mistakes in travelling and try to ensure that people will not make the same mistakes.

What I am doing now when travelling is different then what I use to do. As in my posts I have told you that I now plan and don't lock myself in to something that cant be changed. Also, when travelling now I ensure that were is going to be a cellphone with me to keep of my memorable moments to share to everyone.

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