Time of Travelling

Time of Travelling

Most people would like to know when to travel and how to reduce the cost as much as possible. When I travel, I like to do it normally in May or September as these months have reduce tourist. Most people like to travel in the months of June to August as students are out of school and they can take a family vacation.

To explain why I travel in May is that this is when the season changes and May is warming from the wintertime. Yes, I know I am from Canada and the country is known to have some cold weather. I don’t like to be cold and wet, so I prefer the summer months away from all that. Another reason I go in may is that the price isn’t as high as the summertime and I don’t have to try to avoid a lot of people when walking the streets. As students haven’t gotten out of school yet it reduces the number of families travelling. The final reason I travel in May is that it is my birthday month and I prefer to be exploring a new place on my birthday.

September is another time I prefer to travel it is the month that students go back to school and again this reduces the number of travelers. September still is warm, and the prices start to reduce in this month. Tours start to finish up, but the companies want to sell off the last of their tours for those who want to get the last joy from the summer. I travel in September if I need a little extra room to get my budget in line for the trip. Another reason I will do September is if I already took a trip in May and looking at taking a smaller trip that bring me into September.

The months I try and avoid when traveling are December, June, July and August as well January. The reason I avoid these months are due to different reasons. First reason comes down to people and my comfort level when travelling to different places. I prefer not having to be rushed and wonder through millions of people to get into a popular shop. I have no problem with people, but I do have a problem with big crowds and long lines. Second reason I avoid these months are to do with cost, of flights and hotel. If millions of people are travelling the price of the products are going to go up. Lovely thing called supply and demand within a given market. The main reason I don’t like December and January is the aspect of the it being holiday seasons. People aren’t going to tourist destinations much in these months but are still travelling to see their families. Weather is very temperamental over these months as well that force delays and cause stress well travelling.

Finally, I have to say again is that it come down to each individual and their preferences on what they need to accomplish. Each destination has the perfect season to travel with weather patterns and what events are on in the cities. Example is that if I go to Australia, I would prefer to do September over May as the weather is coming out of there winter and into summer. Only thing is that if you want to go in that perfect season then you need to be happy to pay the price for that destination.

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