Slow Down

Slow Down

As most of us have been affected but this massive pledge across the world. The one thing I want to bring up isn't about COVID-19 instead it is about time.

Now this pledge has lead to people being social distant and self-isolated in their house it gives you time. Time is a precious thing and right now everyone has a load of it to do something with instead of having to go to work. What I suggest is pick up a

hobby that you haven't been able to do like cooking, writing, and drawing. It will keep your mind active and help you learn a new skill well doing this.

For me it will be hard to stay at home as for years, I have the longing to travel. I have to go somewhere once a year to get away from my city. This means I will need to look at focusing on my blog or even with photographing with in community and not go out on long trips. As this pledge has lead to me getting laid off at work.

The last thing I will like to say is that with this pledge, I hope everything will work out and we all get back to what we enjoy. Be safe take the time to improve some of your skills you have been putting off.


Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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