Calgary - Restaurants

Calgary - Restaurants

Updated: Apr 13

Working in the hospitality industry for years now, I get asked about the best places to eat in downtown Calgary. Most times I ask what would you like because Calgary has a lot of restaurant choices. I am going to just talk about my top recommendations that I provide to the hotel guests. Note, I do not get any benefit promoting any of these restaurants.

My first recommendation will always be Saltlik Steak House as the restaurant is a local company with only 2 in operation. One being the Calgary location and the second is located in Banff. Saltlik has great value for food and that service is amazing. I have stopped into the Banff location to try the food and it was excellent. I will go back when I have the chance to get out for a nice dinner with the family.

Silver Dragon is my next recommendation, this one is a Chinese restaurant in Chinatown downtown Calgary. They have been there for 50 years of family-style service. This restaurant is an ideal place to hit if you are craving Chinese cuisine. The food is amazing and when I send my guest over they all come back with a big smile on their faces.

My recommendation for a good pub is James Joyce Irish pub. As most people know the feeling of an Irish pub, this one you will get that feeling. The beer is cold and the food is good, but the atmosphere is what I go for in a pub.

My final recommendation is going to be a One18 Empire. This restaurant is also a whisky bar that has an amazing collection of whiskies. The food is great, I enjoy going into the restaurant just for the food because I am not a big whisky guy. I have enjoyed my odd whisky drinks in One18 Empire and will always ask my guests if they enjoy whisky. One18 Empire also makes custom old fashions for you tableside.

These are my top recommendations but as I have mentioned, I ask my guests what they would like to have. As Calgary is diverse in multicultural cuisine, that I like to point my guests to the correct location for an enjoyable night.

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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