The Dominican Republic - Punta Cana

The Dominican Republic - Punta Cana

The first trip outside of my family activities, but still wasn't by myself as my friend wanted to getaway. I have talked about what we did to decide on the hotel in my picking the perfect hotel post. This post is more about my experience at the resort and the activities we did on the trip.

Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Punta Cana

This resort was amazing to experience for all the activities and options you had on-site. Let's start with the pools on the property, which totalled thirteen, with some having their themes. Having different themes allowed you to fit your personality to the pool; you would prefer to spend your free time relaxing. Most of the themes are Hard Rock oriented were others would allow you to get away from noise completely.

The next option you had was with the restaurants as this property had nine different cuisine styles. Well, the property was within the Caribbean; a lot of the restaurants focused more on seafood options. On my best friend and my trip, we focused more on the steakhouse and Brazillian restaurant due to my best friend is allergic to fish. Being was an all-inclusive resort, which allowed us to try these as many of these restaurants as we would like too.

The last thing I would like to include about the property is that as the name said, it had a casino but also a nightclub attached to the main building. For more details on the property, please have a look at their site


On the first day arriving at the resort, my friend and I decided we would change up and go to the pool. After changing and just getting to the pool bar, the rain started to come down on the property. Well, everyone else decided that it was either time to leave the pool or get under the bar canopy. My friend said to me well; we were going to get wet anyway, so we went into the pool and sat at the bar. The bartender served us, and we talked to some people near the edge of the bar. After this event, we got to become more known with the bartenders and have no problems communicating with other people around the property.

I wasted some of my time at the casino to press my luck, but only really broke even. We visited some of the different bars around the property, which one of the bars had some a billiards table to play. Now we did visit the nightclub only once well on the resort because we found one thing about the idea of the club a little off. The nightclub was own by a different company, so they were charging for a drink that was not cheap. That wasn't the wrong part; instead, it was more on where the entrance of the clubs' location. The nightclub was inside the casino with a bar just in front of the line-up.

The bar was part of the all-inclusive pack and didn't charge for your drinks. The last experience I would like to talk about is more on the employees at the bar after the first day. This interaction gave us the ability to make good friends with them, and anytime we spent at the bar was fantastic. Some of the guys started to call my friend and me Punta Canadians and interacted with us all the time. One day we had one of the guys pour our usual drinks and one of the country's famous drink mamajuana. After that, every time he would serve mamajuana to another guest, he would pour an additional shot for my friend and me. Let us say that day was the most relaxed day on this trip.

The last thing I would like to talk about is the one thing that made me not overly pleased with the Hard Rock. The day we were due to check out, we got told that there was a bill for us to settle up. Now I knew that I didn't charge anything to the room nor had my friend due to it being all-inclusive. Lead to me thinking about why we had a bill in the first place. Visiting the front desk to inquire about this charge, they told me it was because we took their transfer from the airport to the hotel. Knowing that I didn't take that transfer because we arranged the whole trip with a travel agent beforehand. They started to insist that I did take the shuttle, and I decided to ask to see a manager. After getting past to the on-site guest relations department, they sat me down at a desk to show me signatures that were nowhere near mine. Then they asked about my friend's name as well to try and make us pay this bill. In the end, they couldn't prove it and removed the charge. That was my worse billing complaint in my whole travel experience.


Overall I enjoyed the relaxed time I had in Punta Cana and will go back in the future when I am looking more for a relaxing time. I will do Hard Rock Hotels again, as the property has so many options to choose from for any guest. The error didn't turn me off yet, but if that happens again, then I will start looking for a different brand.

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