Plans After COVID-19

Plans After COVID-19

Updated: Apr 24

Travel is still on my mind even in self-isolation and Social Distancing, but I got bitten by the travel bug years ago. This being said I either have to do something small or get ready for a big trip. Now is the time I want to do the planning and also a good time to start taking a hard look at my budget.

Like most people, my budget is very tight with places closing or putting people on leave. Now is the time to cut the extra's and when I get back to work after COVID-19 is over. Then I should move the extra money I cut back on into a travel account for my next trip. I don't know how much I would be able to save but that is a start. Then from there, I will be closer to the amount I will be budgeting for the trip.

I am going to make a plan A and a plan B based on a couple of things for this trip. My plan A will be the big trip and at least a month-long trip. Plan b will be a small trip at least a week-long in North America. I will explain what I am looking at within both the plans and give more details on which I will go when the world goes back to normal.

Plan A - I want to go back to Europe for a month and this time rather then a taste test of the cities, it will be more like 4 to 5 days to explore. The cities I want to see the most are Budapest, Madrid, Luxemburg city and Brussels. Now when doing this I know I have to stop in Amsterdam again, as my family will want to see me. The reason for these cities is because they are places I haven't been to and I will experience a different atmosphere in all of them. Now I can probably get 5 days out of most of these places the only one that I may have to shorten in Luxemburg city. That said I will need to add in another city, into the mix and would love some ideas. The cities I want to try and skip this time are Berlin, Munich, Rome, Venice, Paris, Prague, Lucerne and Barcelona. Now they aren't totally off the table but if I could do a different place that will be better. This is the start of plan A and will be fine toned if I go with this option.

Plan B - Small trip North America trip, the first thing is Las Vegas is off the table, This trip is an exploration trip not a getaway from the city trip. So the cities I would love to see and visit in North America in Nashville, New York, Toronto, Halifax and San Fransico. Now with all these places in mind, my big aim will be for Nashville, as I am also into my music. If anything it will only be a week as I would like to save any extra for plan A in the future.

Now, these plans are all based around what I can get from saving over time. As my window is looking at May 2021 for plan A and if anything plan B will be trying to get out there by the end of 2020. If you have any thoughts and want to add please add a comment, I will always like to hear from my readers.

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