Picking that Perfect Hotel

Picking that Perfect Hotel

Updated: Apr 28

Over the years of travelling and working for a hotel company. I have gotten into looking at different hotels around the world. Now I have stayed at almost all the Calgary hotels that are in the 4-star class because I live in the countryside of Calgary. So I will tell you what I look into for my perfect hotel, well travelling.

Now the first thing I am going to say is that I am mainly a solo traveller, so I don't normally have to work with someone to pick a hotel. I have done that before one my first trip without my family and I really did enjoy the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Punta Cana with my best friend.

Now the first thing I look at when picking the hotel is whats on the property. I don't really care for a pool but if the property has it when that is a bonus. I look for a restaurant/bar for those nights I don't want to leave the property. Also, I would like to know if they have parking on-site in case I rent a car for the trip. A gym is nice but, I am travelling to enjoy the cities so I would never really use it. Now, this is only what is on the property and available for the guests.

The next thing I like to look at for the property, I will be staying at is location or access to transportation. Renting a car is rare for me but having the parking option is great to know. Being close to public transport is ideal, due to the fact that normally city center properties are mostly expensive. I have stayed at a property in south Amsterdam close to the train system but decided one day to walk 4 hours to the city center.

The last thing I look at is the star level of the hotel, and I have a good reason for this one. I prefer sitting in the 3 to 4-star hotels due to the fact that I feel more at a hotel at these levels. I have tried a 5-star for my first time in Barcelona but felt so uncomfortable well staying there. To add to the story I was staying at the Hotel Arts Barcelona by Ritz Carlton, and when I arrived at the property I was in jeans and a T-shirt. Now, this is fine but I felt like I was underdressed and was a target for wandering eyes. This being said it offset my stay a little due to the fact that if you don't feel comfortable in a place then you won't enjoy your trip as much.

The main thing I mainly want to say from here is that if you have a choice of hotels you can pick from, choose the one you are more comfortable with, and you know the brand. I choose Hotel Arts Barcelona because I wanted to experience a 5-star hotel and now know that it isn't for me.

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