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My time in Paris was short but an amazing two days spent with a lot of Australia tourists. The first day, in Paris the tour bus went to the Eiffel tower just at the right time to spend on the levels of the tower and see the lights of the tower. A group of us decided to just stay on the tower while the lights and see them the next hour to enjoy the night before ending the part of the trip. Well waiting for the lights we decided to sit down in Bassins du Champ de Mars park to get a great view of the next lights.

The next hour came up and we were all ready to see the show but this time instead of the lights going on they started to turn off. the group was like hmm that is strange and started to ask around to see when the last time the light is going to happen. We got told it would be at one o'clock that the last light show was going to happen. Again we sat around in the Bassins du Champ de Mars and chatted this time we had a little more entertainment watching the people in the park. One set of them was part of the tour group and decided to try the Champagne the peddlers were selling to people.

One o'clock came around, this time we were sure the lights should show as everyone was still around waiting for them. Now this time the last of the small number of lights that remained on turned completely off. At this time we decided that was a good time to head back to the hotel and slept until the morning. Which everyone else of the group decided to do the same even the group that had gotten that champagne. (I will come back to that group in a bit as there is a story to tell about them).

Day two came around which a perfect time to spend wandering the city to see the amazing sights. In the evening the tour had an optional part to it for extra money, that I opted out of and that was Moulin Rouge. Don't get me wrong I would love to see it but at that time it wasn't in the books and not one I would do by myself. Instead, I went to see the outside of The Louvre and trying to get access to it from another entrance which didn't work. I got some amazing macarons and sat in another park to enjoy the view of the city. In the evening the group meet up for the last time before we all went to our next destinations. Mine was Barcelona which again I sent two days to explore the city by myself.

Now to come back to the Champagne group to explain the fun times I had with them. To start it was Three couples all having an amazing time on a tour of Europe. Being the last stop of the trip they wanted to enjoy each other's company before heading home. This lead to the champagne in the Bassins du Champ de Mars and they had so much fun with the peddlers that were selling them it for four euro a bottle. I only found out how much they were paying because they came over to my little group to try and have us buy some of the champagne off the guy. I was happy to say no too, as the next morning the three couples had the largest hangovers ever. One of the guys said to me at the time it was the best deal and in the morning told me it was their worse idea. The note to this is if you find yourself in Paris at the Bassins du Champ de Mars park, don't buy the champagne from the peddlers.

The final thing I would like to say is that after arriving back to Calgary, I found out why the lights went out the night we sat in the Bassins du Champ de Mars. It was around the same time that the bombing at the Manchester Arena happened. This was a sad time and Paris did this to support the people lost and injured.

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