NEW Resorts Las Vegas

NEW Resorts and Hotels Las Vegas

We all know there is new things coming to Las Vegas every year. Well next year and years to come there are new resorts/hotel properties. Some of these properties have been sitting doing nothing others are popping up to revitalize Las Vegas. I am going to talk about what I think about each property and if I would look at staying at the new property.

I am going to start with Downtown and work my way to the Las Vegas Strip.

1. Circa Resort & Casino - Looking to open in 2020 is a great looking property with the concept of bring spirit to the pioneers and making a new Landmark. How i feel about this property is that it will change the game in Downtown Las Vegas and spark a new spirit of bring newer properties into Las Vegas downtown. One thing it will also change is how downtown Las Vegas feels like today with everyone knowing that the older properties have looser wheels and lower min bets. One they constantly showed in the promo video was the sports book and the large screen TVs at their pool. It looks amazing now will it be like that when finally build is a wait and see moment. Will I stay here, well at least once as I haven't stayed in Downtown yet. (Read Comps Las Vegas to understand why I haven't stayed in Downtown)

2. Resorts World Las Vegas - Looking to open 2020 had some build to start and then the crash came while now it is been back to work and going strong on getting complete. This property has gone through different concepts and legal battles with Wynn about windows but overall it still pushing through. Resort world started was a Chinese theme resort and has been jumping around with the concept after the failed attempt to bring in the Asian market with Lucky Dragon Resort that has been foreclosed and bought in 2019. Now I have been watching this property from the beginning hoping something special will come with it and hope it bring people into Las Vegas North strip more. I am hoping to get a chance to either walk through this property once built and maybe stay at it.

3. The Drew Las Vegas - Not much information on this property is coming from the developers but overall, I have also been watching this property. One thing this property has been was an eye sore as it has been sitting in the Las Vegas skyline for 10 years with nothing going on. Fontainebleau the company that started with the build and completed 75 percent had a massive lose in 2008 in the stock market crashed. This led to it being sold to a private investor and in 2016 was bought by Wiktoff Group that is looking at opening it by 2022. Wiktoff has partnered with Marriott International an there has been talk about making it a JW Marriott / Edition hotel. This will be the first Marriott resort property on the Las Vegas strip. I am excited to see what they do with the property as it has been sitting for a long time and just needs to be complete. I am hoping to stay at this property, but it is only hope until we know for sure if it will not be pushed back again on the development side.

4. Delta Hotel by Marriott Las Vegas - Next to the Rio Resort and Casino is a new Hotel that will have a roof top pool and conference center. This place interest me as it is the First Delta in Las Vegas. I know this brand well with in the Marriott Company, I think it would be a great property and being close to the Rio just on Flamingo Street it may bring more people to visit the Rio Resort. I will probably stay at this property one time when I go to Las Vegas as I love the brand and the location on the property is great if you want to wonder the Las Vegas Strip.

5. Majestic Las Vegas - This is a interesting property that I want to talk about as it will be the first non-gaming resort. The Majestic is going to be a Wellness Resort just beside the Convention center expansion. This was announced in May 2019 and looking to open the property in 2023 with 720 rooms and 70,000 square feet of fitness, nutrition and medical spa facility. I bring this property into the mix as my thought is that with will open Las Vegas into another Target market for the tourism industry. Once it is built, I like the look of it and being that the Majestic isn't to far from the strip I will probably want to stay to see what it has to offer.

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