When travelling I like to set up a playlist for the places I go, but normally comes down to about the same music as listen to on a normal day. As that is the case I am going to talk about why music is important for me when either travelling or on an everyday base.

Like my coffee post, music has to be around every day to keep me happy and productive. The places I like to listen to my music is on my drives into work or just commuting around the city. My car is my safe haven as I spend at least 2 hours in it a day. I currently am listening to Country music, but I grow up with everything from classical to Heavy metal. A good playlist is what I really look for depending on my mood.

One thing is that with everyone being Isolated or Social distant music helps keep you going depending on the songs you listen too. I like that a lot of the musicians have decided to move from stadium concerts to live stream concerts to support their fans. This always everyone to enjoy the music and gives them something to look forward too. It also helps past the time when you know that at this time you have something to go watch or listen too.

The last thing I have to say is that joy comes with music even when it isn't expected. Take extra time and listen to a new style of music that you haven't hear. You may even enjoy that new style and change to it as I did when working in a workers camp and was the first time I listened to country music.

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