MGM Resorts

MGM Resorts

Updated: Nov 1, 2019

My thought about MGM international going and selling off properties could change Vegas in a way. Now I am not an expert this is just my feeling of the matter.

As most people know the strong player in Las Vegas is MGM International with holding 12 properties on that strip. In the past month they have sold off 2 properties and in the process of selling another can change their strength on the strip. As MGM international chairman report this is to strengthen their financial portfolio and lead to a blueprint for the future.

I understand their sale on Circus Circus as the property was getting outdated and wasn't really a pleasant place to stay with the location on the north strip away from the major area. Now Bellagio was a surprise to me but after thinking about it for a bit I think the sale to leaseback is a strong but risky play, as the property also needs a renovation this could be interesting on the buyer side. Also, MGM grand is getting to the point of needing a renovation that I think MGM international is putting thing into the same style to gain the ability for a sub company to come in and pitch a renovation on these properties.

Other properties are in the work but if I was going with the renovation thought, then I don't know why Aria and Vdara as included in these deals. The only other reason I think is that being a large asset it could draw in a bigger Financial growth as they could be working on developing something big in the future.

To me this will not change my plans of going to Las Vegas but could changes how I get comped in the future, with the hotels getting separated. One thing I hope doesn't change is their loyalty program and where I can use my Mlife rewards.

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