London England

London England

London is a great place to visit if you haven’t been before and want to get a start to travel Europe.  I have been 2 times already with the first time for a couple of days before heading off to Ireland. The second time was for just a layover or short stay of 12 hours to get me in the city to make my tour bus to explore the 8 other countries on the tour.

The first time in London was with my College classmates and we took some time to explore the different activities you could do for two days. After landing we got taken to are hotel for a group check in and then moved on to a guided tour of the tourist hotspots. Like big ben, bus view of the Tower Bridge, a walk down to Buckingham palace and Covent Garden. This was a great start to see most of the city but as students we needed to explore more. The first night was quiet with the group going to Shoreditch for dinner and a small tour of the street artwork.

The next day a group of us went out the see the city as we got tickets to the Sky Garden in London. Amazing Views of all the city line and the garden overlooked the river. After spending some time at the gardens, we wonder around to find ourselves at the Great Fire Monument London. This monument had inside a spiral staircase of 311 steps to make it to a viewing deck. At first, I didn’t want to go up but got convinced to do it with a couple of the classmates. I am glad that I went up as there was another amazing view from the top of the monument but this one wasn’t as high as the sky gardens. In the evening the tour group had tickets to see Momma Mia in theater which was amazing even after seeing the show before in Calgary. Just before heading off to bed for the night about 10 of the students found ourselves in the lobby bar enjoying drinks before heading off to Dublin which we had to across the Irish Sea on a ferry. 

Now for the second trip to London was the shorter one, being that I was only meeting up with the tour. I knew the city a little better from the first time and I decided to take the tube from Heathrow to Russell Square.  The hotel I was staying in this time was only down the block from the hotel I stayed at on my first trip. This making it easy to meet up with some of the tour mates in the pub of the original hotel. This meet up was to get to know some of them better before having to hop on the bus in the morning to across the English Channel into France this time. 

Now the place I recommendations for you in London England is to visit Shoreditch on a night out to see the amazing street art along the streets. Also, there is a lot of dinner options to try in shoreditch and interesting things to see. Another place to visit is Covent Garden as it is a great area for shopping and seeing the city culture. The last place I want to recommend is the Sky Gardens, as the view from the top is amazing with the garden that is tiered in levels making it a peaceful place to relax.

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