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Travelling Light - Pros and Con

Travelling for a year now, I have learnt to fly with less stuff in my luggage. Travelling light has some benefits and some drawbacks, but I am going to talk about why I like to travel light.

The Pros

Most airlines now charge when you check in your luggage for short flights or when you fly with budget airlines. Travelling light help; you avoid having to check bags in as most time, the size of the luggage can fit in the overhead bin. Having that size will save you about $20 - $35, depending on the airline.

The second thing that I find is that if you are doing a tour via coach, you will be most likely to be moving hotel to hotel within days throughout your journey. Travelling light helps, you ensure that it is easier to repack your items for the next lag of the tour.

The last thing I am going to say is that if you travel light in Europe, you will find that your body will not be strain after taking the stairs. Most of the older hotels do not have Lifts / Elevators in them, so this leaves you with taking those stairs.

The Cons

Travelling light leads to having to clean your clothing more often, as you are not taking as many items. Having fewer things can lead to problems with finding laundry mats or having to be creative in cleaning your clothing.

No room for extras while travelling, as people like to buy new items when visiting places and bring back those souvenirs for their friends and family. (This could be a pro as well if you are on a budget. As you can’t go running around buying everything.)

The reason I like to travel light comes to cost-saving and being good creative travelling. An example of my creativeness was when I tried to save money and needed to wash my clothing. All hotels have showers or Bathtubs in them, so I decided to take some time to clean my clothing in them with soap. You can buy an in tub drying line, but most of the shower tub combos have a bar that you can hang your clothing.

Being that I have travelled a lot, I have never had to pay for check luggage. I have always carried my bags onto the plane, and one thing I made sure of was when picking my bags out, I ensured that it would fit any overhead compartment.

In the end, I recommend taking some time and review what you are going to need when you travel. Each individual has their own needs they need when travelling to different places.

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