Life Lesson

Life Lesson

Most people have a different style of life-based on many factors. One factor is the lessons you learn from your everyday activities. Everyone makes mistakes doing an everyday thing and we learn from those mistakes.

I would like to talk about what mistake I have done and what I know not to do again. My first mistake happened a couple of years ago, regarding my hospitality job. Now I won't go into detail of the jobs, but I will explain why this mistake has brought me to where I am today. Working for my first hotel for 4 years at the time, I decided that I needed a change and there was an opportunity to take a promotion position at a different hotel. Being said I jumped into it without really thinking about some major impacts that could come down the road in the future. One major impact was yes it was a promotion but the pay was significantly lower then what I made those past 4 years. I at the time didn't think about looking over everything and when I got to the new job it was on top of a mountain. This meant I had to get housing on the property and it was more isolated than the old property. I should have clued in by now that this could lead to having problems down the road but my mind was more focused on the experience over the money side.

Now not all of this experience was bad, as with the promotion I also figured out things about myself that I needed to change. This is the first life lesson I had on the property, was when it came to my attention not everything I did was positive and was causing me more damage to get a promotion. This property also showed me more about myself as well because I was isolated and had time to think about things. Another that was positive about having this job was the people I meet over the time I was there. As it was a resort property in Canada it meant that I got to meet a lot of international workers using their holiday work visas. Made some great friends and experienced a lot of different cultural aspects.

Now back to the mistake after spending 4 months up in isolated on the mountain and not making the same amount of money I use too. This drove my financial position down the tube and with a new season coming up it was the time to talk about either staying or going. I decided to leave in the end and I was lucky that my old property allowed me to come back. Now I am in a better position then I was back then, and really learnt from my mistake. Now when moving forward, I focus on more than just the experience but also how it will affect me in the future as well.

The final thing I would like to say about this post is that you could overlook a lot if you don't take the time to process everything before jumping in at anything. Another thing is to always look at your mistakes and work with them. As these mistakes help you learn for the future and help you reduce having to repeat them in the future.

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Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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