Hot Spots for Las Vegas

Las Vegas Hot Spots

Updated: Oct 17, 2019

Caesars Palace Las Vegas

There is a lot more places around Las Vegas not in this list. These places are on my hit list, or I have already experience and recommend for a new Las Vegas Traveller. These places aren't in any select order as I just wanted to get them down for everyone.

Pinball Hall of Fame - Into arcade games well this is a great place to hit with the old pinball machines to newer ones. Visiting this place will bring back memories for the older generation and show the younger generation about the classic games that were played in the day.

The Neon Museum - This place is been shown in Movies and shows. The Neon Museum is a great place to bring back the history of Las Vegas lights before the strip became what it is today. (One of the places I would love to see myself)

Container Park - Newer place but a great sight to see with a playground for the kids in the day and in the evening for the adults that want to stay for the live music. In the front of the park is a big praying mantis that zippo had installed with a fire feature built in. (Downside to this park is that you will not be allowed to bring drinks in off Fremont street due to liquor license)

The Strat - This resort sticks out for most people as it has a theme park at the top of their tallest tower. The tower again was been shown is movies and shows for this feature. One thing is that you can do a controlled free fall from the top to the base of the resort. (Also known as Stratosphere)

Fremont Experience - At 6:00pm to 1:00am Downtown Las Vegas becomes a happening place with the Viva Vision Light show (LCD screens canopies) going every hour, and live music playing on the outdoor walking street. Other things to do is SlotZilla a zip line that run the full length of the canopies, which you can do superman style or sitting.

The Mob Museum - This is a Museum on the History of what the Mob did for Las Vegas. As most of the Mob had a hand in the hotels built in Las Vegas this is a great place to learn the History of the city.

Hoover Dam - The Second Largest Dam in US, with being a revolution of the time in 1930's. This is most of Famous dam sitting on the border of Nevada and Arizona. This dam is attached to the largest reservoir in United states (Lake Mead) when it is full. this is one of those places that helped make Las Vegas become what it is today.

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