Why should you go back to Las Vegas?

Why should you go back to Las Vegas?

Updated: Apr 11

People have asked me why do I continuously go to Las Vegas?

I have been to Las Vegas 4 times with in the last 3 years. The reason I keep going to Las Vegas isn't for the sights or the sounds. Las Vegas is an always a changing place with new resorts getting build or old properties getting renovated into something different. This includes the entertainment in Las Vegas always changes to something different or new. Cirque du soleil hasn't changed in Las Vegas but there is a lot of them to see that you can’t do all in one trip. One thing is that Las Vegas is getting a new cirque du soleil show this year 2019 called RUN. RUN is the first live action thriller for cirque du soleil and will be an interesting show that I want to see. Las Vegas also has different magicians in that change every year. This year they have Hans Klok at the Luxor that is an illusionist from the Netherlands.

Second reason I go to Las Vegas is that the strip to me feels different every time I walk it. Not just with the sounds and lights being the same but with the different atmosphere of the people in the city. The atmosphere changes when a new conference is in the city or the different tourist that are in those days. As I mentioned in a past post I spent sometime just sitting at The Arc Bar, well at the bar I enjoy the Bellagio Fountains, but I also watch the people if their relaxed mindset then at home with a 9 to 5 job being stressed out.

Last thing I do when I go to Las Vegas is that I try and experience something different then what I have done the last time. Example is this time I took the road trip into Las Vegas, which was a unique experience, but I also never really did experience the proper Fremont Experience. I would normally do an afternoon on Fremont street and relax there to see the live performances. Finally, this past trip, I decided to head further out of the experience to a different part of Fremont street to see that they have for small shops.

Things I still want to experience in Las Vegas is The Neon Museum, going to Hoover dam for some good photos. I have been past the Hoover dam but didn’t stop as my friends and I wanted to see the Grand Canyon. Every time I go, I plan to visit Peppermill restaurant but never get there as I change the plans last minute when I get on the strip for something different. The Strat is a resort that I would like to visit at least once with it being their optical deck and theme park. New things I would love to visit is The Drew resort, Resort World, Raiders Stadium, and see a concert in T Mobile Arena. There is a lot for me to still experience, but I cant do it if I don’t constantly challenge myself to go back.

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