Road Tripping from Calgary to Las Vegas

Road Tripping from Calgary to Las Vegas. What did I see?

Updated: May 4

Talking about getting comp nights in the past for Las Vegas, I landed up staying on another one in September 2019. This vegas trip I decided to experience driving down to Las Vegas from my home city of Calgary. Which landed up being a great chance to going through Glacier National Park before heading to Las Vegas city.

Glacier National Park

On the way down to Las Vegas, I broke the drive up into three days giving me and my brother time to do some sightseeing and less rush to get there. On the first day, I left Calgary and head down to Glacier Nationals park, mostly to see the Road to the sun. This passage is a great experience to have if you like driving as the views of the meadows were to die for with the mountains around it. The only problem I would say is that if you are not comfortable driving narrow roads then down this road you will hugging a cliffside with your mirror inches away from the rock face in some spots. After taking all the photos I wanted, we landed up spending the night in Kalispell, Montana which was a relaxing night and dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings, nothing to amazing.

On the second day, it landed up being a little longer drive but had another spot for my adventure of sightseeing to take place and that was only 30 mins from Kalispell. The sight was Flat Head Lake, the only thing that I would say could have been better was if the sun was out more then the clouds in the sky, but still got some great photos. From there we drove down to Pocatello, Idaho to spend the night, which was relaxing again after the drive. Well, there we decided for different that we would try the place next door to the hotel. The place was named Jakers Bar and Grill which a little more upscale but had amazing food and happened to be the first time I tried honey butter. Being me I thought that we would get normal butter and buns like most upscale restaurants in Calgary. Having the honey butter was a major surprise to me as I took the bun in this restaurant and added butter I am like this is a sweet bun, not knowing it the butter.

The last leg of our drive down was not as amazing as the days before due to the fact that at this time I was just looking at getting into Las Vegas to spend time enjoying the night. The only real enjoyment of this part of the drive I had was a small part of Arizona, as it had the amazing sights to see for the mountains. Once we got to Las Vegas, we first checked into Park MGM and then got a small bite from Shake Shack in New York New York Las Vegas. Then walked down to my favourite place to sit and just watch the strip. Which happens to be The Arc bar just under Paris Las Vegas Eiffel Tower. I did hit the Casinos that night for a bit and didn't get back to the room until 2 am.

The first full day in Vegas, started out with me and my brother going to down for breakfast at Primrose Las Vegas inside the Park MGM to use up my $50 food and beverage credit that I got with the room. Then spent more time inside the resorts to keep away from the 38-degree Celsius that Las Vegas was having at the time. We landed up walking all the way down to Mandalay Bay, as I have never been that far south on the strip on my past trips in Las Vegas. That was a good work out for the day and in the evening, we went and had dinner at the Nine Find Irishman restaurant in New York, New York Las Vegas before our show. The show we went to that evening was Zumanity which is a Cirque du Soleil performance for the adult crowd. Not my first time going to this show and probably won’t be the last as it is always entertaining. While it has amazing acts that include audience involvement and can be great if they pick the right people to interact with well on stage.

The second day in Las Vegas was a great day to relax before heading out to Fremont Street, also known as downtown Las Vegas. The morning started with a simple breakfast buffet at Aria City center which I had a buy one, get one free coupon from MyVegas Slots app. Then I went to play in the casinos again before getting dinner at MGM Grand's buffet. After that meal, we went to Fremont street, this time I decided to wonder a further down past the monitors, (if you haven't seen Las Vegas Fremont Street pictures there are Sky monitors that do videos at night with music) and into some of the traditional downtown with El Cortez and some individual owned restaurants/shows. I have been down this far to see Container park, but I wanted to see El Cortez this trip. After visiting the El Cortez for a bit, we wandered back to The D Las Vegas as it still had the old machines inside it. One of my favourite machines is Sigma Derby. I have a long story with this machine that I may look at sharing in the future. Well, get to the Sigma Derby machine we find out to it had been turned off and out of service 😢. Oh well, 9 pm came around the corner and Fremont Experience began which I and my brother landed up spent some time at one of the Stages in the street which had the band Alter Igor playing. They played the Classic rock and got the attention of the crowd which was amazing. I ended this day with going back to my favorite spot at the Arc Bar.

Third-Day started about the same as day two again going to MGM's Buffet for breakfast this time and then spending time in the casino, the evening was more important as we had another show planned but before I get to the show. I want to talk about Luxor's new HyperX Esports Arena, which was more for my brother. This Arena has an amazing walk through with a bar inside for gamers to grab a nice beverage and play on their laptops. The main stage had the competitors playing in front of you with live cams on them and the game they were playing behind them. If you find yourself in Las Vegas go check it out if you are gamer. Now what brought us to Luxor in the first place wasn't the arena but the show we were going to see. This show was Fantasy, again not for the younger audience, this show again wasn't my first time, but it is always changing. While waiting to get to the seats we landed up talking to a couple from the Netherlands in for 3 weeks. A nice reminder to myself that Las Vegas is an international city that has millions of visitors. After the show, I landed up going back to the room to sleep as we had an early morning to start heading back to Calgary.

On the way back we took the most direct route as I had limited time to get back to Calgary. We spent the night in Idaho Falls and spotted at truck stops for Subway, as it was 10 hour driving days to get to Calgary. Once in Calgary, I got to relax for the night before heading back to my normal life at work.

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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