Italy Tour

Italy Tour

Updated: Apr 12

I have time to think and write a new post. I would like to share my experience in Italy and what I would love to see again. My wishes go out to Italy over this hard time they are having with COVID-19.

Well in Italy I went to 4 different cities on a tour bus in May 2017. The first city bus stopped was Venice, so we could experience the canal city. We spent 2 nights here with the first day exploring the different pathways and head off to Burano for dinner. The second day we explored more and had some amazing food in Venice itself with dinner at the hotel. What I miss from Venice is the architecture of the buildings. St. Marks Campanile was great to look at plus wondering the pathways is an easy way to lose yourself in the city.


Then the bus took us to Rome, where we got a bus tour of the city before hitting the hotel. From there we went by the public train to the center of the city to explore a little before getting arena floor access to the colosseum with a guided tour. That night we had dinner in the city as a group. Then the next day most people had the ability to go on a tour of St. Peter's Basilica. I opted out of this one to save some money for other activities on the tour. Instead, I decided to walk into St. Peter's square to be able to say I stepped into Vatican City which counts for another country I have seen. What I would like to go back to Rome for is to get more of the sights in plus take some time to wander the city instead of just 2 days.


Florence was the next stop on the tour list, which was one of the main highlight cities of the tour. The first night was spent time looking around and then went into Red Garter for a good night of Karaoke/drinks. Got to see leather making and wandered into a coffee shop for a caffe latte then meet up with some tourmates. The second day was amazing as well as getting to visit the best location for photos. Then another night of partying at the space disco and an early morning off to Pisa. I miss Red Garter had an amazing time there and would love to see it again. Also when in Florence again I will have to take more time to explore the city and less time partying.

Pisa was a short stopover for some food and taking in the leaning tower photos. From there we left Italy for Switzerland that will come up in a future post.

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