Hotel Check in - Paperwork?

Hotel Check in - Paperwork?

Updated: Oct 30, 2019

Do you need Paperwork while checking into a hotel?

Most of the time this is going to be answered with a no, as the digital age has streamlined the check in process. The only time you need to bring paperwork out is when the hotel can’t find the reservation which happens 10% of time now.

What I do for checking into hotels is only have my identification and a credit card at ready, as the agent will be asking for these two items write away. When interaction with the agent I let them know my last name, so they can look me up by my name faster, this way they don’t have to look over a two-page document for the last name. A confirmation number is nice to have just in case the last name is spelt incorrectly in the systems, which I had one time going to Las Vegas. The system had my First and last name as the first name on the reservation and then my best friends first and last name as the last name.

When the Agent still can’t find your last name is in the system is when they will ask for the confirmation number. If the confirmation is not pulling up in the system is then when you need to look over the paperwork to see if you’re at the right hotel. As many of the big hotel companies have been adding the name of the main company in their sub-brand the GPS and Google start giving directions to the wrong hotels.

Overall what I am trying to say is that most of the time if you booked a reservation at the hotel look over the paperwork to insure it is correct then when check in with your Identification and credit card ready instead of the paperwork. This will speed up your check in to allow you to get to enjoying your holiday.

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