Updated: Apr 24

A habit is something that you do on a regular base, that can be good or bad. I have my fair share of bad habits, but also a lot of good habits. What I want to do is start adding to my good habits to make things better for me. Most people say that to create a habit you have to repeat it constantly for 21 days. Now with that said I am looking at making a constant effort of making this blog part of my routine.

To do that I will be working on writing and appear more on my social media daily. I want this habit because when I first started this blog I worked on it constantly, then one day something came up and lost focus on the blog. One reason I came back is because of COVID-19 putting a damper on the world, but the other reason is that I really want to make this workout.

The reason I wanted to talk about habits is that if you really want something to work for you, then you need to put the time into it. 21 days is a good start but you need to continue doing it after that to ensure you aren't just trying to count the numbers of days.

The final thing I want to talk about is breaking a habit so also possible. You just need to do the opposite of creating a habit don't do that habit for 21 days. This is useful if you are trying to break a habit to replace it with a better habit like not eating out all the time but instead, go to the gym to exercise more regularly. For me, I will be trying to break my habit of just going to the television instead of writing something down for my blog.

Having the time off will help you focus on your creativity, and habit building as you can do these items without distractions. Read my post about Creativity when you have a chance.

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