Amazing Parts of my Europe Tour - Germany

Amazing Parts of my Europe Tour - Germany

Updated: Apr 14

Well travelling in 2017 I landed up getting to see two different cities in Germany. The first city was Berlin just after visiting Amsterdam on my bus tour and then we also stopped off in Munich after visiting Prague. I would like to share my experience with both the German cities I visited.


An amazing city for being the second stop on my tour of Europe. To start off with we did a city bus tour and then the visited the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe. In the evening we had dinner and then spent some time with the night scene. I found that the food was good and the night activity was fun. Now keep in mind this is the third day of my tour and still trying to get to know people was my main focus. This was because I had another 16 nights with everyone on a bus and hitting 8 more cities in those days.

The second day in Berlin some of the group wandered the city and visited some of the attractions. If I remember correctly, my main goal was to see parts of the berlin wall and then I got convinced to go into Topography of Terror. Now, this was great to see to understand the history of Germany and the terror that happened in the city. That evening it was another night of partying and relaxing with some of the group members.


Being that we had some more time together as a group this time. Munich was an amazing experience for me with the Hofbrau Haus. The first night was about doing a bus tour of the city and then head off to the Hofbrau Haus for a nice beer. That evening went by perfectly with good Australian friends, amazing beer and a large pretzel.

Now for the second day, some of the group decided to do the optional bike tour of the city. This bike tour was with the company Mike Bike Tours, which had us bike from their warehouse into the English garden and Rikschastand am Chinesischen Turm beer garden. Now to add to this was the guides were from the U.S. and made it an amazing ride. The evening was quieter for me just relaxed around the hotel to head off for the next day.

Little Extra

Now I had to add a little more into this post due to the fact that I cant make a separate post on this part of the trip. This part of the trip is about Austria and as we only had a day stop before hitting Venice I think it would fit in here. What I am talking about is probably one of the most highlighted birthdays I have had so far. This is white water rafting in Tyrol for the day before landing in Venice for the night. Also, this was the first time I have ever white water rafted in my life, and that is even with me being hours from some amazing places in Canada.

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