Las Vegas - First Timer Doing it Wrong

Las Vegas - First Timer Doing it Wrong

Here is a travel story for my first time in Las Vegas. I have changed a lot from this first experience and learnt what not to do again. I have explained in my comp post that I overspent on my first trip to Las Vegas. Now let me tell you my experience from this trip to change how I travel to Las Vegas now.

Arranging The Trip

I booked this trip in mind for one thing, and that was to go to Las Vegas for my Brothers birthday. I also invited my best friend to come along on this trip. Well booking, I started with the family timeshare property that was located just off the strip behind the MGM Grand. I originally booked seven nights, one room at the hotel, because it was to be only my brother and me going. The number of people changed over time to three people with my best friend. I landed up booking a second room for my brother and then extend it a little bit longer because we could only get so many nights on the timeshare. Now that wasn't the only change made at this time either due to my wanting to experience Las Vegas in style. For me to do Las Vegas in style, it meant to stay in a suite at one of the resort properties on the strip. I landed up booking the Marquee Suite in the MGM Grand for two nights, having booked the suite made the trip cost a little more then what you can get away within Las Vegas.

I booked a rental vehicle for the whole stay to be able to head to the south rim of the Grand Canyon. We also drove to some of the off-strip locations for food and entertainment. Other activities included three shows around the strip, which included two Cirque du Soleil and the Penn and Teller show.


Well, in Las Vegas, we started with getting into the hotel in the afternoon and then headed straight to the strip to get a couple of things set. The first thing was to get our Mlife membership cards to play at the machines and use our bonuses from the MyVegas app. That night was a quiet one as the first show was the next day. For dinner, we went to the Fine Nine Irishman in New York-New York, Las Vegas. The reason we went to this restaurant was due to having a $50 voucher from the MyVegas app.

The next morning we got up to head out to a buffet in one of the MGM resorts on the strip. Then we wandered around the strip to see the different themes of each building. Played a lot of Blackjack at most of the properties and spent some money in the malls. That evening we went to see O's Cirque du Soleil in the Bellagio. The seats were fantastic, with the ability to see the whole performance and not having to hurt your neck. Then we went out to find a drink on the strip which landed us up at the Arc Bar just under the Eiffel tower. The morning came around, and we landed up going to the restaurant in Aria for breakfast, which was a great breakfast to have after not getting back to the hotel until 2 a.m. The day included a trip to Fremont Street to see the experience and then off to look at the container park just down the road. We found out that the container park didn't have a license for alcohol coming in off the street, but you could order it inside. That issue didn't bother my best friend or me, but my brother had just bought a mini slurpy tower. He had to pound it back before we could go into the park. The evening was more of a quiet day with just relaxing on the strip and then back to the hotel. The next day was heading out to the Grand Canyon, which was a 4-hour drive.

We started in the morning for the Grand Canyon after a quick breakfast. The drive was relaxing on the highway, and once we got, there we took a short time to see the views before heading back to Las Vegas. Well, we were in the vehicle already; we decided that going to the Pinball Hall of Fame at this time would be the best. Then the evening we went to dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe in the Hard Rock Hotel. Once back at the hotel, we started to plan for tomorrow's activities because it was going to be in the evening off the strip. My best friend and I decided that we would rent a limo to transfer us from the hotel to The Rio for Penn and Tellers show. The next day was relaxing before heading off to The Rio for Penn and Teller. We also had a reservation at Voodoo Steak House before the show. Now I liked the food at the restaurant, but the cost was too high. Now, this didn't help bring the price down from this already somewhat expensive trip. The show was amazing to see, and I would potentially go back in the future. After the show, we got back to the hotel to spend some time on the strip. Also, this was the last night in the timeshare property before heading off the MGM Grand for the Marquee Suite.

We started with packing up the vehicle then wandered the strip as check-in wasn't until around 4 p.m. One thing we landed up getting was another set of tickets for another Cirque du Soleil show in the New York-New York Las Vegas. That meant after checking into the room; we got ready for an evening show that happened to be a perfect buy. After the show, we went to the Arc Bar again for a bit and then landed up in the casino playing Sigma Derby for 4 hours with people that came in for a trade show. The final full day in Las Vegas had been relaxing, with the room being steps away from the casino floor. Also, we had our last Cirque du Soleil show Ka located just in the MGM Grand. This day we didn't do much because we were starting to get tired of the trip and just wanted to go home. Ka was a good show, but we picked the wrong seats as we hurt our necks, trying to see everything being upfront to the stage.


Now what I changed from this trip for any of my Las Vegas trips was that I look for more deals. I stopped booking high-end suites and just started using comp rooms that are just handed to me by MGM. I don't rent a vehicle anymore in Las Vegas due to being at the properties on the strip. I use more of the coupons from MyVegas to get cheaper food or shows. Finally, I do not book for a week anymore, but instead, I do four nights in Las Vegas to not get that tiredness of the city in the end. Thank you for taking the time to read this post. If you enjoyed it, please take some time to look at any of my other posts. Also, if you would like to get notified on any new posts, please follow me on twitter @pbtraveller or subscribe on the main page.

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