First Cruise with Carnival Cruiseline

First Cruise with Carnival Cruiseline

Updated: Apr 29

My family decided that it was time to try something new, and that was to go on a cruise ship. Now, this trip was great to see different islands and experience travelling a different way. The cruise ship we went on was a Carnival Victory (now refurbished into Carnival Radiance) as it was one of the newest ships in the Carnival line.

To start the story, I was at the time 11 or 12 years old and was the first time on a cruise ship; I wanted to explore around the boat when we got aboard. Now, most ships do a practice evacuation, so you know in an emergency what mustard point to go too. I didn't realize this and landed up wandering the vessel to see different things. The only bad part of this plan was that I also forgot what my suite number was, which had me lost when the call comes on for pa came to star the test run, and everyone needs to go back to their suite. Land up running into a crew member that took me to the front office area until the test was over, and my parents came to pick me up after the test.


Jamaican, Ocho Rios - we went on an excursion of tube riding down the white river, followed by having lunch at the end before heading back to the ship. The drive was different then; I was used too at the time having a single lane gravel road hugging a cliff to get to the top part of the river. The driver was great, very talkative and made it feel like a comfortable ride.

Grand Cayman Island - there was a massive wind storm, so the only person that went into the island that day was my dad to play a round of golf. That meant I got to experience more of the ship, but also at that time, I pointed out to my mother another vessel. I said that the time that I would like to be on one of the Royal Caribbean ships instead as it had a lot more activities on it.

Cozumel, Mexico - we spent most of the day on the beach and then a little shopping before heading back to the ship again. Well, on the beach we enjoyed the sun a lot, but one thing my parents forgot was sunscreen, which was terrible for my mother, as she landed up looking like a lobster in the end.


Spending 7 days aboard a moving hotel, you need to have something to do. This being side, I was 11/12, which meant I spent a lot of time in the Kids Club to play games and do the onboard activities. One night the club had an overnighter challenge to see who could stay up for 24 hours. Just a little brag, I did last the whole night at that age and was so happy for myself. The next morning getting back to the suite, I went straight to bed.

Dinning was different for the family as we went to the formal dining room 4 of the seven nights on the ship. The dinning was an experience on its only since I hadn't experienced a formal setting with a full wait staff before. My brother and I played around with the butter server, a little too much we hide some butter. The other times we didn't go to the dining room, we went going to the buffet instead and got good with the soft-serve ice cream machine. We started to get called as the Dairy Queen boys due to the fact of how well we spun the soft-serve ice cream onto the cones.

The swimming pools were excellent with a water slide attached to it; the only bad thing was that it was saltwater not chlorinated. The pool was another spot I spent a lot of my time because the cruise ship didn't have as many activities as a Royal Caribbean ship. The only other thing that the Carnival Cruise line had was live acts every night.

The end of the trip was another disappointment for my family, and it wasn't with the cruise line but instead with the airline (no names on this one because this was years ago). We went to catch our plane home and got loaded onto the plane and sat on the plane for 2 hours before getting told that there was a problem with the aircraft, and we will not be able to fly out tonight. We offloaded, but being a kid, I forgot a brand new pair of sunglasses in the seat pocket of the chair in front of me. We got told that no one was allowed to go back into the plane to get them. That night was essential for us, as we had some people waiting for us to pick them up at home. Well, we worked it with the people back at home but need to get on a flight in the morning. In the morning, we went to get our plane, and the airline cancelled it again due to the same problem. This time my parents were not happy at all and told the airline to find us a flight out as we have people at home waiting for us. We cant put this off any longer and need to get home. Also, it didn't matter what airline. We got back that day, but I haven't flown with that airline since that trip.

The final thing I like to say about this trip was that it was a great first experience on a cruise line, and the next time we took a cruise line; I knew what not to do after boarding the ship. Also, I would need to remember the suite number a lot better the next time.

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