My first travel experience - Disney World

My First Time Travelling

Now, this is going to age me a little, as I am going back to when I went on my first vacation. My age was 8/9 and my parents decided it was time for the family to go travelling. They picked Disney World Orlando, FL where we stayed at one of the Disney resort properties. The time of year was in September just 3 weeks into the new school year. My parents got told by my teacher that it wasn't going to be a good idea and recommended to cancel the trip. This being said, my brother and I had to do a journal of everything we learnt from the trip to present to the class.


The resort we stayed at was Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort which was a nice property. I remember some of the features of the resort but not much of the room. The property had a central pool near the main build that had a slide into the deeper end of the pool area. I learnt real fast on this trip that I wasn't able to swim and it took years for me back near any deep areas in pools. This is because as a kid, I wanted to go down the slide and did land up going down it to be stuck in the middle of the deep end of the pool. Forcing me to be rescued by the lifeguard on duty at the time.

A feature that the family used every day was the transfer from the resort to the parks which included a bus ride around the different buildings of the resort. Then on to the monorail that went around the different parks. The best part of this transfer was the bus ride as all the stops were names of all the different islands in the Caribbean. Now the added part was the order they were placed in as you stopped off at each spot. It went a little like this Aruba, Jamaica, Bermuda. Bahama, Key Largo and Montego. Now if you read that and thought of a song then yes it is the main verse of Kokomo by the beach boys. Which being with my dad it came to our heads every time on the bus and we got everyone to sing it was we went around.

Disney World

The main reason for going on this trip was to have fun and experience something new as a family. The brought us to Disney World to experience the parks that were running at the time in 1997. We went to Epcot, The Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios, as the Animal Kingdom was still in development at the time. Now as it was the first time there we didn't think about getting any hopper passes, so we waited in the lines for each ride. This was a problem at the time due to the fact that it was the start of the school year. Everyone was in school learning, instead of being at the park learning like our family. We took in the Epcot Light Show, the Electric Light Parade in the Magic Kingdom and many more family activities.

Another Disney parked that we visited outside of the main parks was Typhoon Lagoon. Now after my experience at the resort pool, I really wasn't active at this park. I did experience the wave pool, some of the small water slides but nothing major. Being scared for the first pool I really didn't want to experience that again, which made me keep it light here. Great park to experience one time and only spent one day there because my mom had put a full schedule together.

Other Parks

Legoland - My brother enjoys lego and this was more for him, but seeing what they could do with lego is amazing for anyone to see. This park has rides but most of the activities are interactive with people around the park and statues. Also, this was the first time we learnt about Lego Mindstorm as we played around with the product in the park.

SeaWorld - This was the time when SeaWorld was just flipping out of the animal park to more of a theme park. This allowed us to see the Orca show as the main attraction instead of getting on all the rides around the park.

Universal Studios - This as before Adventure land was created and just another basic day of seeing all the amazing rides. Now I don't remember a lot about this part of the trip, as I have been back years later and that trip could be colliding with some of the information.

Kennedy Space Center - I remember this well because back to the top part, I had to present something to my class. This was the educational part of the trip experiencing the center about space travel and the launching of the different shuttles. Seeing first hand the Appolo 11.

There were a couple of the other parks we went to see, but I am can't remember which ones belonged to the other times I went to Florida.

Dinner Shows

Well on this trip we went to 2 dinner shows in the evenings around the Disney area. Now, I know that these ones were part of this trip because one of them changed a year later. The other is still going and I would still go back to even after being this long since.

Hoop-Dee-Doo Musical Revue - Amazing show, fun for everyone in the family and being that it has jokes about Canadians, it still isn't cruel about it. Dinner was really good with the 2 selections of chicken or pork ribs. I am sure there is an alternative menu now for food-sensitive people. The other thing is that well the show is on beer and wine is all you can drink this was bad for my dad as he was driving.

Polynesian Fire Luau - This show was switched to the Spirit of Ahola and is a little different from before but still should be amazing. This show was a Polynesian theme and a lot of activity happening from fire dancing to different hula dancing parts. I think it was well worth the time seeing and hoping that I could get back to see it under the name Spirit of Ahola.

Overall my first trip was an amazing experience and being young made it that way. I also learnt a lot about myself which helps me travel due to the fact that I have major ear problems landing in any plane. I still love to travel and this trip allowed me to learn different ways to deal with ear problems.

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