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Expedia vs Hotel websites

Ok, the age-old question I have is should a book through Expedia or just directly with the hotel website. The benefits of Expedia are that you can compare hotels with in the area to find the right price in that area (like all other Online Websites). So that is great for convincing, and you don't have to do a lot of research. The downside to Expedia and other websites is that when you make the booking, you lose your ability to cancel the reservation. Sometimes Expedia has taken payment already for the hotel stay so you may even lose money if you need to cancel last minute.

Hotel Websites booking is useful for booking with that given hotel. The hotel website will provide you with all the information you need at the hotel. Also when you are booking, you have the choice to pick a rate that includes that ability to cancel. This way, you will not be locked into the trip with your plans change.

Now for some people, loyalty programs will come into play, and those make a big difference in your options. You see, most hotels will not honour loyalty if you book through Expedia or other website travel agents. So if you are looking at getting loyalty points, you will not attain any if you book through Expedia but will if you book through there websites.

Now for me, when I look at booking my hotels, I look at why I need it and what it will benefit me more to do. Expedia is excellent when I am looking at scheduling an All-inclusive. This way, I can see all the options, and I am more likely not to change my plans. If I were to book just a hotel in a specific city, I would go through the hotel brand website (like Marriott or Hilton). This way if something does change for the short trips, I can change my plans. That said when I travel most of the time I go to the hotel website as I don't visit much to All-inclusive resorts.

Small note I didn't talk about prices as both places now match pricing (hotel websites give Loyalty discounts too).

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