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Europe Planning

As I started to grow in travelling, I wanted to go on a more extend trip and this would bring me to Europe for a month. I started to plan this trip for one thought and that was to see my dad's family and my ancestry in the Netherlands. When I started to plan, I look at the flights to the Netherlands first and I booked for a week originally. After booking the round-trip flights to Amsterdam, I began to investigate if I wanted to just stay in one country or venture out to surrounding cities. A week of doing some research I decided that if I was going to Netherlands I wanted to travel longer and get in more countries well in Europe. I researched different place with the cost to travel between them and finally landed up on picking up a tour bus to support my trip. The tour company was Contiki Tour and I decided to take their Europe Inspiration tour that took me to 8 countries. I decided to take the tour bus as I didn't have to worry much about the cost of getting around to the destinations anymore and then focus on the cities instead. Another thing about taking a tour bus is that I got to meet a lot of people from Australia and across Canada. After booking the tour I then extended my departure day of the flight and picked up 3 more flights to get to London to start the tour and then added another country that wasn’t on the tour just to give me relax days before going home. 

Now what I learnt from this trip is that you shouldn’t just jump and buy your flights before you plan the full trip. I had to pay a little extra to extend the original flight to the new departure date. Also, I then had to line up flights to get to the proper places I needed to be in order to make the trip work smoothly. If I didn’t buy that original round trip, I would have changed my departure city and given more time outside of Amsterdam. Overall, I loved the trip and would just change these little things to make it even better.

Florence Italy

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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