Experiencing Disneyland

Experiencing Disneyland

My last post was about my experience of going to Disney World in Florida. This post is now going to be Disneyland in California which happened 3 years after Disney World. No, I am not going to compare them like everyone else instead I am going to explain my experience. This includes what I would have done differently compared to what I experienced.

Hotel Property

Now unlike Disney World, we didn't stay at a resort property but instead stayed at a hotel just across the street from the entrance of the park. This was very convenient, as we had gotten hopper passes this time and was able to just walk across the street to experience the park. Nice property can't remember the name but I do know the property is no longer there. I also had a better experience at the pool of this property as I had learnt to swim by then.


The park was great to see with all the different rides and parades going on around the park. We only spent two days at Disneyland and then explored the other theme parks around California. Most of my favourite rides were roller coasters or water rides. Another thing I have to say is at the time we went to Disneyland it was only one park. California Adventures was months away from opening, so we missed out on experiencing that park.

Theme Parks

Universal Hollywood - Like Florida we had to experience Universal studios and this time we had a car to drive around from the different places. We went to the park to see what rides were offered and have the ability to experience the park that was just an add on to our trip to California.

Knotts Berry Farm - After seeing some of the other parks this one was good to visit. The roller coasters were amazing and a great place to experience, I don't remember much about it due to the fact there weren't any moments to remember.

What I Would Change

Now I want to talk about how my experience went, and find a way to make it a better time at Disneyland. Being that my experience at Disney World was amazing I think if I went to Disneyland first I wouldn't have been as disappointed with the ride selection. Disney World has a lot more selection of parks and rides that made my expectations for Disneyland higher then what I got to experience.

What I would change isn't the parks themselves but the order in which I would go to them. Instead, if I have children and looking at going to both Disney parks in the USA. I would take them to Disneyland first to experience the selection of the park and then go to Disney World. This will help these expectations and making the trips more memorable.

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