The word creativity can be applied to a lot of things, that help you build skills. Bring creativity drives your mind to work a little harder at the start but can help you retain an important skill that you may need in the future. I have been known to be creative at some point in time of my life.

Right now is a good time to put my creative mind into motion because the hospitality industry took a big hit with COVID-19. This means that I will be writing more then I have been, then when things clear up more I will get out to get some amazing photos of the Rocky Mountains. These 2 items will help me kill time plus helps me improve on the important skills that will improve this blog.

I have a massive list of creative items, I would love to get into but some cost me extra money to get started. This list includes but not limited to learning another instrument, start working on painting more, improve my drawing skills and many more craft items. I know what my mom will have more time to do when she gets time. She would get back to her lampwork beads and jewellery making.

So my question comes out to everyone: With this free time what creative items will you get yourself either back into or start new with? Please leave a comment on the post or in my twitter post.

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