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What I have done to get Comp Nights?

Updated: Apr 10

Over the years of travelling to Las Vegas, I have taken the time to work on my loyalty with Mlife rewards from the MGM resorts. The first trip I went on was in January 2016, this was my most expensive trip but it set the steppingstones to getting comped rooms send to me via email. I do not recommend spending what I did the first time, but I do recommend getting a Mlife loyalty card. Mlife gives you the ability to attain free rewards from MyVegas app (like hotel stays) and whenever you play at the slots put your card into the machine to get credits / express comps. The credits help establish tier level point and the express comps reward you with the ability to get some money taken off your end of stay bill. After spending a ton of money for the first time around I got sent a comp through email that allowed me to go back to Vegas seven months later for a four-night stay.

New York New York

While on my four-night stay at Las Vegas, I landed up really focusing on my gameplay and less about spending a lot of money. The gameplay moved my tier level to a gold member (middle level) that gave me some extra benefits of being a member like getting in the express line for buffets or checking into the hotel. After achieving the Gold Member tier level, I didn’t go back to Las Vegas until May 2019.

Las Vegas in May was different, I stayed at a timeshare resort that I gained access from my family members. This timeshare was great and I only brought a smaller amount of money to spend at the casinos. The reason I went on this trip, unlike the other Vegas trips, was for my birthday. Going to Vegas on your birthday is great because the MGM resorts can provide free plays to use in the slot machines. All you have to do is let the Mlife desk know it is your birthday and they have a program at three of their properties that celebrate birthdays. The properties that provide the birthday gifts are Park MGM, Luxor, and Excalibur which I attained $70 worth in free plays. While in Vegas this past time, I got sent another comp offer via email for four nights that I am going to take advantage.

The next chapter of Vegas will come soon as it hasn’t been experienced yet. Only weeks away and looking forward to seeing if I get to continue the comp Vegas trips.

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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