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One thing I have to state at the start is I am not an expert on coffee I just love the taste and the different roasts that come out of the coffee bean.

I started liking coffee after working an early morning job, and in the office by 5:30am, I needed some that would kick-start to my day. The only thing the office at this time was a coffee machine that I had to brew myself. As the years went on, I got lazy and started to hit Tim Hortons on my way to work. Now I have changed the style of coffee I get after travelling and experiencing each cultures style of coffee.

Now when I travel, I look for two things in the morning the first being a cup of Coffee and the second is a nice warm shower. I normally just go to the restaurant for a coffee as I do not like the in room coffee, as it has to have some quality to it. In my past travels, I have wondered around cities for a good hole in the wall style coffee shops. As I have talked about going to Invermere every year at least once, I normally stop in to Invermere Bakery for coffee and a nice pastry. Inveremere Bakery is my first hole in the wall place that was away from the Brand name stores like Tim Hortons and Starbucks. Do not get me wrong if I need a quick coffee I will normally go to Starbucks. In the past, Tim Horton’s was good for a quick coffee but now they are my last choices due to the fact they does not have a proper espresso machine.

One of my favor cup of coffee I had well travelling was in Panta Cana, and I am still looking for my best cup in Calgary. The coffee in Panta Cana was not to acidic with a sweet tone to it that made my morning the first time I had it. As I was staying at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casinos the buffet was great being an All-inclusive resort. Now that was a long time ago and I do not know if they have changed it within the years passing.

Well travelling I have found some interesting Coffee shops and ones that I would love to stop by again if I land up there again. The one I mainly want to talk about is in Kinsale and was the only thing open on the Sunday we visited there. The coffee shop inside was laid out nicely with the ability to borrow a book to read off their wall. Half the wall was bookshelves and had many books to read with in the shop to enjoy that cup of coffee.

As I was writing this post, I decided to have a difference style of coffee from Phil and Sebastians in Calgary. What I decided to have was an oat milk Latte, which was great for the first time having Oat Milk and it pairs perfect with the espresso they were serving. Phil and Sebastians is a local coffee shop that is starting to grow. The property I was spending time in was an old warehouse that they converted into restaurants with a roasting area for Phil and Sebastians.

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Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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