Travel Bucket List

Travel Bucket List

Updated: Apr 24

n my last post, I talked about my plans for travelling in 2021, but I should tell you all my travel bucket list. Now I have reasons why I am not doing the top of the list in 2021, but here we go. I am also going to start from the bottom and work my way up to the top of the list.

6. Brussels - due to the fact that this city important for the culture and style but isn't one of my main focuses. I feel that going there will be a great experience and being in Belgium I get to see how close they are to the people in the Netherlands.

5. Madrid - This city is going to a really good place to visit with the history and architecture of the buildings. When I was in Barcelona the colours that Spain has to off makes it amazing. As well, I can't miss the different styles of Spanish cuisine that people provide in the cities.

4. Budapest - I have always wanted to travel here for the culture, and beauty of the city itself. This place will tick off another country on my list but also treat me to the Hungarians that can provide to the world.

3. Luxembourg - After looking at some of the pictures people have taken of this place. I will not be able to miss out on the Castle itself. Then I will have gone through most of the western countries of Europe.

2. Sydney AUS - I want to go here just to see the highlights of the city and the layback culture of the Australians. The city has always been on this list and if I would go to Australia it will be for a long time.

1. Melbourne AUS - I have been wanting to go hear forever now and will remain at the top of the bucket list. As the city is close to some of my need to go places, like Phillip Island and Barossa Valley. Phillip Island for the penguins, and the different activities on the Island. When it comes to Barossa Valley, well it is because of the Wineries in that location. Another I can't go to Australia and not have any wine or drink.

As my top is mostly Australian places, I want to make sure if I am going to Australia then I should do it right. In one of my past posts, I talked about my Australia plans an the length of time I would go.

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