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Australia - Future plans

Updated: Mar 31

I have been planning a trip to Australia but continuously changing when it will happen. Australia is the top of my bucket list with Melbourne being that top City off the list. Now the thing is that when I do Australia it will be for an extended period. An when I mean long, I am ballparking it at 2 months at least. Now at this present time, I work in the service industry, so requesting that time off is hard but also get the plans just right is my next challenge. See if I am going for 2 months I want to do at least a week in the iconic cities of Australia. The current plan is covering the places of Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Hobart, Adelaide and Perth. So with just these places that lead to already 5 weeks planned for trip. There are some essential places I want to see outside the cities, and that is the wine regions and points of interest.

So to answer the question, I get asked most of the time is why Austalia everything can kill you there?

To me, it isn't can kill me; it is more what style of culture or people are in Australia that can make the trip amazing. Now if you read my Europe Travel - Month Long then you know I spent 19 days with A lot of Australias, but travelling with them over being in their natural environment is two different experiences. So I have tasted the travel side now I want to experience the at-home side of that culture.

So there is the first piece to my Future Travel plans. If you want some details of what I am working on, please contact me. I am willing to help consult on making any trip a great experience. I have done a lot of that for my coworkers and friends.

Sydney Opera House

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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