Everyone has a goal of some sorta within their lives. Most people have many goals from career, travel, financial or even personal. Today I want to talk about my travel goals, for the future. This is different from my plans after COVID-19 post, as this will be the overall goal that I have started and would like to get close to finish throughout my life.

To start my main goal for travelling is to get to as many countries around the world. This goal first started back when I was 19 years old and counting the number of countries I already hit. That count was already at 5 countries with having been on 2 cruises and family trips. Now I am up to 15 countries, outside of Canada which I live in. Now the plan for hitting 4 to 5 new countries in May of 2021 will add to that number but will not stop me to add even more.

Why do I have this goal, well if you were to read the post of my Value of Travel it will explain my passion for travel. Now I could leave you with that information but I am going to explain a little more about why I am doing this. To start having been on a cruise ship I got to experience a multi-cultural world with just in the crew members not including the guest we meet as well. I felt that on the ship I meet a lot of people why can't I go and see the world to meet more people. This only was the tip of the goal as it took me another 4 years to go to my next country to meet more people at the resort property. Also at this time, I was working on trying to figure out what I would love to do for a career which is what got me where I am today.

I started to classify travel as a hobby around the time I started to work towards going to school for hospitality. This changed more to a passion after Ireland, another amazing experience to drive the goal even more which started to reduce the waiting time between trips. The tipping point was my month trip in Europe that made this from a passion to a goal. I was able to jump that 7 countries to 15 in one month and experiencing many cultures as I travelled them.

I do not have a set number to make, but I want to bring it up more and more within the next 15 years. Another thing I need to do is move forward in my personal life which means this goal will need to work into my other goals. One goal is to move from being a solo traveller to having another person to make new memories well travelling.

Enjoy this post, please take some time and look over some of my other posts. I will be writing more throughout this hard time and will post more often. To keep up with my new post please subscribe to the main page of the blog.

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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