Travel Tips - 4 Tips for Safe Travels

4 Tips for Safe Travels

Is travelling safe?

Lot of people have this question and mostly get the short answer of yes, travelling is safe. I am going to talk about my tips on how to make sure you are safe when travelling to places you have never seen before.

1. One of the most important tips is, if your gut says no that isn’t safe then go with your gut. As you travel you still need to rely on your own personal feelings and thoughts on places to go. This leads into comfort levels of travelling and if you are comfortable doing something then you will have more fun doing it.

2. Don’t forget common sense at home, if it doesn’t make sense then don’t do it. As this can lead into someone taking you into a dangers situation/scam that you don’t want to be led into. Example is if you have a problem with your car on the road and someone pulls over to help you. They mention that down the road is a friend’s garage that can help you repair the car. For me this is a red light as I don’t know the person and they are suggesting a friend’s garage. They could be running a scam of having him bring you there and overcharge you due to dire need.

3. To make travel safe, make sure you a have some preventive means in place. What I mean is that if you are flying to Europe and something happens well you are in Europe make sure you have travel insurance. Travel insurance is good to have in case you have to abandon the trip at anytime. Yes, people say it isn’t worth spending on insurance as nothing happens, but that one time you don’t have it is when something major happens. This leads to you losing out on all your money spent on any of the future activities that you have paid for already.

4. Final tip is plan, if you plan some of the activities and do research on the city. You will reduce any problems to arise well you are travelling. Note yes things don’t go as planned but that is fine you have done the research to be able to change the plan without reducing your safety level.

Overall spend time, do some research on the places you go and go with your gut / common sense then you will be safe well traveling. I haven’t felt unsafe when I have travelled to any of the cities I have been too. As I have taken my time to research, make plans to do things and if that back alley I am about to go down looks unsafe then I don’t go down it.

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